From the tasting team

Jeni Port on lightweighting

By Jeni Port

18 Jan, 2023

Tasting Team member Jeni Port discusses the importance of using lighter weight wine bottles and other packaging, and highlights the producers who are leading the charge.

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The wine word for 2023 is not, as some might have it, metaverse, or non-fungible or even natural.

The word you will hear and hopefully wish to know more about, is lightweighting.

Lightweighting is a new world order in packaging, one that is sustainable and, as the name implies, lighter in weight.

That means lighter wine bottles, PET plastic bottles, cans, pouches and a whole range of more eco-friendly wine packaging, including the wine cask which is making a bit of a comeback.

We can only hope that lightweighting signals the end of the heavyweight wine bottle which can weigh between 750g and 1kg, taking an inordinate amount of raw materials and heat to produce and then transport.

In a world where carbon emissions count, the heavyweight bottle is on its way out. Or, it should be.