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Wine education is never-ending, no matter where you are on the journey. Delve into topics including tasting, cellaring and serving wine with our compilation of educational resources.

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Even wine industry professionals are constantly coming across new territory in their exploration of wine. It’s a subject with so much to know – there is, quite literally, a whole world of wine to discover. To keep expanding your understanding, bookmark this page featuring some of Halliday Wine Companion’s top educational content, explore our wealth of wine resources, read up on regions, varietals and styles, and get insights from the tasting team.

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Two glasses of red wine on a light green background.

Cellaring wine

How to organise your cellar

Regardless of a collection’s size, systems can fall over, boxes can build up and wines can prove hard to navigate. If you have a wine collection that’s lost its way, cellar consultant Luke Campbell shares five steps for getting it back on track, including how to cull, group, log and restock.

Cellaring essentials

Wine writer Campbell Mattinson shares 21 essential cellaring tips, gleaned from his own experiences over several decades. Keep these golden rules of cellaring handy for whenever you need a refresher.

Serving wine

How to extend the life of your open wine

Are you sometimes reluctant to open a bottle unless you know none will go to waste? It’s a common concern, particularly with special bottles or if you’re on your own and only want a glass. These tips will put your mind at ease – and you might be surprised by just how long some styles can last.

How to serve wine

Serving wine at the right temperature for the variety or style, deciding whether or not to decant, and choosing appropriate glassware for optimal enjoyment are some considerations for showcasing a bottle of wine at its best. Get the rundown with this advice.

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Understanding winemaking

How wine is made

For many, the “how” of growing and making wine is confusing at best, intimidating at worst. But a little exposure to these processes can be hugely empowering in understanding wine. Here, we illustrate the steps from vine to bottle, with images of the action from wineries around the country.

What is vintage?

This in-depth guide explains the exciting, busy time when grapes are harvested and turned into wine. Learn about how different climates and weather events can affect the process, how long the Australian wine vintage lasts and more.

Buying wine

Five ways to choose wine sustainably

More and more wineries are working to reduce their environmental impact, looking at everything from the approach in the vineyard to the choice of wine packaging. Here, Nola James breaks down what’s important – and not – If you want to drink mindfully.

Wine investment

Ever wondered whether you could profit from your wine collecting habits? Wine writer Dave Brookes investigates the pros and cons, sharing 10 suggestions for getting started from the heads of some of Australia’s top auction houses. 

Wine tasting

Tasting glasses with white, rosé and red wine

How James Halliday tastes wine

Every year, James Halliday and the tasting team spend hundreds of hours reviewing the more than 9000 wines submitted for the annual Halliday Wine Companion guide. Here, James reveals insights into his process and the factors that inform his scores. 

Useful words for describing wine

The language of wine can be confounding. Halliday tasting team member Jane Faulkner shares tips for describing wine in a clear, meaningful way.

What exactly is elegance in wine?

Elegance is commonly used to describe wine. But what does it mean? Halliday tasting team member Tony Love investigates.

How to host a virtual wine tasting

This guide outlines everything you need to know to plan an online wine tasting event with friends near and far, from video and logistics to themes and ideas.

The world of wine

Travel the world of wine

You don’t need to leave the country to get a taste of the world’s top wines. Get to know the key varieties of some popular international wine destinations in this article, and also read up on Spanish reds, cava, Rhone whites and Italian reds.

Emerging varieties to explore

There’s more to wine than chardonnay and shiraz. Diverse wine grapes are cropping up in vineyards right around Australia and being made into exciting wines. Expand your knowledge – and palate – with the red and white varieties in this list.

Australian wine regions to visit

These are some of the most-searched regions on Halliday Wine Companion – get a snapshot or dig deeper with our detailed guides.

Wine books

Essential wine books

Wine lovers tend to be bookish types – ask them for their must-have texts on the topic and they’re never short of ideas. In this article, Dave Brookes shares five essential reads for rounding out your wine knowledge. For more wine reading, check out the Halliday bookstore and Halliday magazine.

Food and wine

Shot of wine and a cheese platter on a kitchen counter

How to pair cheese and wine

Name a more iconic duo than cheese and wine. It’s the perfect low-fuss accompaniment to a glass by your favourite producer. Similar to wine, though, cheese is a complex beast, and bringing the two together can be a minefield unless you know where to begin – nail the perfect combination with these insights, including pairing suggestions for six of the most popular wine varietals and styles.

Five rules for pairing wine with food

While creating a memorable wine-and-food match is very much to do with individual taste, there are some basic rules to follow if you want to achieve something as close to perfection as possible. Leading sommeliers Samantha Payne and Jane Lopes share their top considerations.

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