Steve Wiblin's Erin Eyes

South Australia | Clare Valley

Our Review

Steve Wiblin became a winemaker after encouragement from his mentor at Tooheys Brewery who had a love of fine art and fine wine. Because Tooheys owned Wynns and Seaview, the change in career from beer to wine was easy. Steve moved from the world of big wineries to small when he co-founded Neagles Rock in '97. In '09 he left Neagles Rock and established Erin Eyes explaining, ‘In 1842 my English convict forebear John Wiblin gazed into a pair of Erin eyes. That gaze changed our family make-up and history forever. In the Irish-influenced Clare Valley, what else would I call my wines but Erin Eyes?’ -JAMES HALLIDAY


Winemaker Steve Wiblin
Established 2009
Dozens 2500
Vineyards (area) N/A
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 58 Old Road, Leasingham, SA 5452 (postal)
Telephone 0418 845 120