Newbridge Wines

Victoria | Bendigo

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The Newbridge property was purchased by Ian Simpson in 1979, partly for sentimental family history reasons and partly because of the beauty of the property situated on the banks of the Loddon River. It was not until ’96 that Ian decided to plant shiraz. Up to and including the 2002 vintage the grapes were sold to several local wineries. Ian retained the grapes and made wine in ’03, and lived to see that and the following 2 vintages take shape before his death. The property is now run by his son Andrew, the wines contract-made by Mark Matthews, supported by Andrew. -JAMES HALLIDAY


Winemaker Mark Matthews
Viticulturalist Helen Waite
Region Bendigo
Address 18 Chelsea Street, Brighton, Vic 3186 (postal)
Established 1996
Dozens 300
Vineyards (area) 1 ha
Opening Hours At Newbridge Hotel, Newbridge
Telephone 0417 996 840