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The brainchild of Marc Lunt and Leanne Westell, Terrason Wines is many things. Since ’16, it has been sourcing grapes from King Valley and Yarra Valley growers, making small amounts of wine from the kind of grapes they wish to explore: chardonnay, aligoté, gamay and pinot noir. All wines are made with minimal input. Marc and Leanne are also importers of French wine; again, choosing the kinds of wines that appeal to them, organic and made with minimal intervention. With both their French and Australian wines, the couple aims to adhere to a sustainable wine growing and honest winemaking philosophy. ‘Our wines don’t masquerade as something they are not, we aim for the terroir to speak for itself,’ says Marc. Marc has made wine in Australia and in France where he spent a decade training and working harvests in Burgundy and Bordeaux. -JENI PORT


Winemaker Marc Lunt
Viticulturalist Philip Abela, John Darling
Region Victoria
Address 105/202 Beavers Road Northcote, Vic 3070 (postal)
Established 2016
Dozens 1000
Opening Hours Not
Telephone 0450 840 578
Website www.terrasonwines.com