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Halliday magazine offers a uniquely approachable take on wine, food and travel. It’s published four times a year and available in print and digitally for Halliday Wine Companion members.

The magazine features insights from James Halliday and the tasting team, the most sought-after wine reviews (100 new-release tasting notes in each issue), travel features through Australia's great wine regions, plus profile pieces, amazing recipes with wine matches and more.

Issue #72  – on sale from Thursday, September 7 Halliday magazine issue 72

Notes from the editor:

The first person to be inducted into the James Halliday Hall of Fame – Prue Henschke of Henschke wines – is a viticulturist. 

We have many aims at Halliday but one of them is to (better) recognise the people who grow the grapes. Great grapes never happen by accident; they take great care, and knowledge, and tending. Viticulturists are the (too often) unsung heroes of our wine world. Witnessing Prue accept this award, highest honour of them all, was one of the highlights of my wine life.

That said, seeing Kate Goodman accept the Winemaker of the Year award for her wonderful work at Penley Estate, and Jo Marsh and Eleana Anderson on stage together for the Dark Horse award, and Carolyn Brown of Landaire at Padthaway Estate (after years of hard work) stepping up to accept the award for Chardonnay of the Year were all heart-warming moments to say the least. This year’s awards are chock-full of victories for good people and good stories.

We couldn’t be prouder of (or happier for) our award winners, and it’s great that we can celebrate them here with you. 

Campbell Mattinson

Campbell Mattinson
Editor in chief, Halliday magazine

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