Berton Vineyard

New South Wales | Riverina

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The Berton Vineyards partners – Bob and Cherie Berton, James Ceccato and Jamie Bennett – have almost 100 years’ combined experience in winemaking, viticulture, finance, production and marketing. The 30ha property in the Eden Valley was acquired in '96 and the vines planted. Wines are released under various labels: Berton Vineyards (Reserve, Winemakers Reserve, Metal Label), Foundstone, Outback Jack and Head Over Heels. Exports to the UK, the US, Sweden, Norway and Japan. -JAMES HALLIDAY


Berton Vineyards began in 1996 when Bob and Cherie Berton bought 70 acres of land in Eden Valley, South Australia. This meant moving the whole family 800km away, to the rolling hills of High Eden. Over the next few years 35 acres was planted to Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. At this point Bob was running the vineyard on the weekends and working for Miranda Wines in the Barossa Valley. Fast forward to 2004 and Bob decided it was time he started making wine from the Eden Valley Vineyard, instead of selling the grapes to neighbours. At the same time a 20,000 tonne winery was going up for auction 800km away - it was an opportunity not to be missed (!!) so the family up and moved again – back to the Riverina, NSW. For many years Bob had been working with winemaker James Ceccato and Financial controller Jamie Bennett, so the three families (along with a few others) got together in November 2005 and invested in the new (old) winery in Yenda, NSW. And so began the memorable vintage of 2006. At this point it was hard to imagine what Berton Vineyards would become - with about ten staff we began the huge task of crushing nearly 16,000 tonnes in a winery that had been stripped to the bare essentials only three months earlier. Those days are now just a foggy memory - a blur of instruction manuals, new staff and long hours. Thirteen years later we have now got a core team of amazing people and, through some of the toughest years in the Australian wine industry, we have managed to survive and grow the business. Through all this Bob, Jamie and James have been leading the charge with their hands on approach – Berton Vineyards is now one of the 20 biggest wineries in Australia. We enjoy making a certain style of wines which can be summed up as understated, clean and fruit driven, with good depth of flavour, and our aim is always to over deliver in quality and value for money.


Winemaker James Ceccato, Bill Gumbleton, Glen Snaidero
Established 2004
Dozens 1.2 million
Vineyards (area) 104 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Mon–Fri 10–4, Sat 11–4
Address 55 Mirrool Avenue, Yenda, NSW 2681
Telephone (02) 6968 1600